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    Day Trading Course Learn how to day trade the markets with a group of active traders that support your growth and keep you on track. You never need to trade alone.

    Learning to become a trader and make consistent money in the markets you will need support from an experienced trader and a group of traders that uses the same system, same entries and the same background in trading development.  Our traders are trained in a highly refined trading system that gives them exact entries and use our day trading room to master their trades in an amazing learning environment.

    Your first three day at the Day trading course you will be in a small group of traders.  You will be working together, going through the steps to build your mastery of the direction of the markets and how to execute orders like a money maker edge trader.

    When we finish the three day intensive course, you will be then joining the live trading room to be on with others who speak the same language, understand the same techniques and can enhance your learning time to master the trades.  We also support the new traders with constantly updating our charts, communicating through our forum and follow up webinars.  These online trading discussions give the clarity and re enforcement of the lessons learned in the 3 day intensive course.

    You will Start your joiunrey with a session to set up your computer and a manual that outlines the steps for you to easily start trading with us during the third day of the course.  You will be able to effortlessly set up you trading station, and get ready to trade with us during the three day trading course.  The first period of time using the simulator to learn the executions of our day trading system is free.  The Day trading simulator runs in real time with a recorder, like a VTR, you can record the trading session and replay it later to work on your exact entries.

    Day trading course encourages you to keep practicing precise entries and to manage your risk.  You are encouraged to participate in our trading forum, look at other traders charts, read about their journey as a trader and always focus on the lessons that you have learned.  You can reach us by phone, email, IM and Skype.  We are here to support you so you never have to trade alone.

    OUr traders come from a diverse background and are able to trade in many markets using our day trading system.  We train you on the S&P500 emini futures but the beauty of our system is that it can be used in other markets too.

    Some of the Markets we trade:

    Emini futures – Emini Dow – S&P500 and Russel and international indexes like the DAX

    Emini Currency – the Yen- the British Pound and the Euro


    Equites – Stocks and ETF’s

    Why do TRADERS choose to learn how to Day Trade with our Day Trading course?

    Disclaimer: day trading is high risk, do your own work : The efficacy of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis is disputed by efficient market hypothesis which states that stock market prices are essentially unpredictable. Be responsible for your trades, do your own work and never rely on others.


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